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Our mission at Running4Shoes is to ensure that every child from an impoverished background can wear proper shoes to school maximizing attendance. We will achieve that by running at various events raising awareness for our cause, grow our volunteer base, and raise charitable contributions to help provide shoes to children from those families who cannot afford them. 

We can make it possible

Do you know that providing shoes to children who can't afford them can increase school attendance by 62%? According to Thinkprogress, almost half the country (46%) can't afford basic needs including providing children with proper shoes to wear to school. Together we can ensure that every child can wear proper shoes to school maximizing attendance! We are working hard to raise awareness, collect shoes, and spread smiles as we conquer school attendance. Read our blog to find out what we're doing.

About the Founder

Sanjay Rajasekharan, Junior, The Harker School, founded Running4Shoes in 2016 after witnessing the lower school attendance across the globe in various low income neighborhoods. He is on a mission to raise awareness for his cause at various high schools across the country as well in other countries. Through a combination of directly leading shoe collection and fund raising drives as well as recruiting like minded volunteers, Sanjay aims to accelerate his mission to provide shoes to school children from impoverished backgrounds.

Donations for CA Wildfires: Kiddie Academy of Cupertino on 19875 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA

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